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we are a remote web studio & digital agency inspired by the elements. crafting business growth in Sydney, Wellington and global markets, our message is simple:

we grow brands that positively impact the world around us.

web design / branding / creative strategy

our philosophy.

we grow brands that positively impact the world around us.

our remote studio unites your ideas with the brand builders, using their specific skillset to tackle your creative challenges.

above all, we are storytellers; here to tell your unique story to the people that want to listen and take action.

we combine our industry knowledge to build something that allows your business to find direction, grow in size, and flow effortlessly in your market.

the remote studio.

by no means a new concept, a remote studio allows our team to live and work creatively, from wherever they are in the world. innovation and collaboration shouldn’t be based on your geographic location.

we bring together a team that is inspired immensely by their experiences on the road; the moments of freedom, the indescribable landscapes, the physical environment, and the vastly diverse cultures on earth.

we’re a team that refuses to settle or rest until your project feels exactly like you and the world inside your mind.

our creative director.

amie hamling started her online career making websites for friends in high school. since then, she’s upgraded her skills considerably as the owner & lead designer at harvest studios. and the founder of creative community, the creative blog co.

her background in not-for-profit communications and her degree in journalism allows her to understand that our skills should be used to make the world a better place for all.

after leaving her full-time marketing job to pursue freelance web design, writing and copywriting, amie has a long string of do-good clients under her belt and has had features in yfs magazine and the cusp.